Thoughts on Human Spaceflight – A New Blog

During this time of change at NASA with respect to a new direction for when we as a nation will go beyond Low Earth Orbit and where we will go explore, I felt a blog was necessary to be able to share my thoughts as twitter is not an adequate platform for this complicated and emotional topic that touches many of our hearts.  I invite you to share your thoughts because I’m interested in a dialogue. But, I request that we keep this civil.  We will not attack any individuals, companies, or administrations.  We will look at facts, we will question plans, talk about the unknown, offer solutions, and dream about the future.


One response to “Thoughts on Human Spaceflight – A New Blog

  1. There is a great deal of emotion attached to the dramatic changes occurring in our space program. Some of it from lost jobs, some of it from broken or altered dreams. In my mind letting go entirely and swimming along in the new current is too easy and too much like giving up.

    How do we successfully and effectively swim against the current and reach a goal? Can we reroute the current or is that out of our hands? Finally, do we just sit on the shore and wait? This latter move is more than I can accept, so I am donning my flippers and with snorkle and mask in hand, I plan to try to swim up current.