Thoughts on National Space Policy

I’ve been wondering about what to say regarding the new National Space Policy that was unveiled on June 28, 2010, however I don’t think there is anything for me to add that hasn’t already been said.

For me, The Space Foundation provided a great summary of stating the pros and cons of the National Space Policy and its possible effects on Human Spaceflight.

Additional National Space Policy Sources:  White House Fact Sheet, NASA Statement


One response to “Thoughts on National Space Policy

  1. XiNeutrino

    I essentially agree with your assessment of the WH Space Policy, but I felt the Space Foundation was too gentle with the inconsistencies. I did agree with their appraisal of the policies call for increased international participation.

    “Bubble up” background information that often contradicts stated WH policies makes me far more cautious about fully accepting or believing the statements that come from the WH. I tend to not believe that there is a true commitment by this administration to an aggressive space exploration policy national or international.