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Positive Life Changes due to NASA’s FY2011 Budget Chaos

In past posts I have asked some questions and asked for people to share their thoughts on the topic.  I’d like to do that again with this blog post.

How has your life changed in a positive way since the announcement on Feb 1st of NASA’s FY2011 budget?

Here are some starting questions to ponder, feel free to go beyond this.

  • Are you more aware of how the US Budget process works?
  • Have you taken the opportunity to create a new future for yourself?
  • Met new people and friends through discussion of the various budget proposals?
  • Shared the benefits of space exploration and exploring with others?
  • Exploring the possibilities of Commercial Spaceflight?

I look forward to reading your responses and I’ll share mine in a few days.


Update: 9/23/10

The chaos of this past year has provided positive change to my life.   Change is good for questioning one’s purpose and trajectory and this past year offered ample opportunities to do just that.  The chaos has allowed me to create new opportunities at work that I otherwise would not have done because I’d still be going down the path I was heading (working Constellation).   While NASA was trying to chart out it’s future, I also spent time trying to figure out how I would fit into the new vision.  The future is unwritten, however I’m certainly enjoying the opportunities I helped create over the past 4 months.   Project Mongoose, an ISS participatory exploration project, was born out of submitting a Request for Information (RFI) to NASA back in June.  By the way Project Mongoose was named by Twitter followers after I asked for a code name for my super cool project I was working on.  Another project I’ve been added to recently is an amazing opportunity, and I look forward to seeing where it will lead.  But, the one I fought hardest for was to help out the business development team in capturing new business for my company.  I have long wanted to work in this area, using a mix of skills from my engineering experience and my MBA and starting October 1st I will get to do just that.   So, yes, this chaos has brought positive change to my life.  But, only because I sought it out.