The Reality of NASA’s FY2011 Budget

I couldn’t have sad it better myself.  Wayne Hale simply states what is ahead for NASA.

The same old thing.

So, my question is – if the government isn’t going to change, how do WE make OUR future happen?


2 responses to “The Reality of NASA’s FY2011 Budget

  1. What is happening is that unique circumstance where we learn that logic can sometimes be stupid. Obama, putting full faith in the poor wisdom and suggestions of his Office of Science and Technology Policy has not just locked NASA down, but has called a screeching halt to American innovation and scientific progress. The piddling programs that are popping up to replace the robust space sciences that once were NASA keeps it running in place with little or no progress. What harms and halts NASA harms and halts this nation’s progress. It loudly shouts NO WE CAN’T from the YES WE CAN advocate. How utterly sad.

  2. We have known for years -decades- that NASA couldn’t support all 4 major projects with the same funding. The Shuttle, The ISS, The Moon and Mars, besides all the other stuff NASA finds it necessary to do, was simply too much. This has been obvious for decades. For some reason, NASA administration felt that if they stopped the Shuttle, and planned to de-orbit the ISS, then politicians would feel pressured to commit more funding, rather than shut down any of the major programs. Well, now we know. We should have seen this all along. Politicians would much rather continue current programs, – it is politically safer – and cut future programs, than commit to more funding. It isn’t an Obama thing. It is, and has been, a politician thing for a long time.