Houston, we have a shuttle!

June 1st marked quite a treat for Houston.  After the disappointment of not being selected to receive one of the space shuttle orbiters we were given a mock shuttle from the KSC Visitor’s Center.   I couldn’t help but participate in the festivities, appropriately called Shuttlebration. NASA and Space Center Houston put on a great party June 1st to celebrate the Shuttle’s arrival with MaxQ (the Astronaut Band, the Space Exploration Vehicle, an Orion Booth, and more).

I joke that this is our wooden shuttle, and it is a wooden shuttle.  But, I really do think the potential for greatness comes with our wooden shuttle.  Why?  Because people get to go INSIDE this wooden shuttle.  Unlike the real orbiters which are  national treasures and are closed up.  While this shuttle allows people to walk inside and see what the Payload Bay looks like and get the feel for the size (a school bus can fit inside) imagine if they took it one step further and held small classes inside the payload bay?  Or offered a session in the flight deck where you can sit in the pilot or commander seat and work with an instructor to flip the switches to simulate a launch or a docking?  Lots of potential to excite people of all ages.  What would you suggest Houston do with their new wooden shuttle?


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